【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)

耳聞 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism 已久,今天能在這裡嚐到哪些令人驚艷的創意甜點呢?


For a picture perfect afternoon tea, visit Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism, a cafe/restaurant that pours forth ingeniously and whimsically orchestrated desserts. There’s room for improvement in terms of flavor, but the presentation itself alone is worth the trip – at least for superficial folks like me ;).



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
店內 Interior





Take this for an example. What is this…a potted plant?



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
薄荷冰淇淋盆栽, 280台幣
 Mint Ice-Cream Pot, 280NTD



其實,這是店內最熱門的薄荷冰淇淋盆栽 (280台幣)。一層巧克力泥土下面藏著薄荷冰淇淋和巧克力蛋糕,而整道甜品的亮點在於冰淇淋裡面竟然還有跳跳糖!在舌尖上霹哩趴拉地跳躍口感,太歡樂了。


Actually, this is a Mint Ice-Cream Pot 薄荷冰淇淋盆栽 (280 NTD), one of the most popular items at Season. It’s comprised of a layer of chocolate crumble (the soil) covering mint ice-cream and chocolate cake. The best part? There’s crackling candy in the ice-cream, which creates a series of popping sensations on the tongue. Very entertaining.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
Mint Ice-Cream Pot



雙柚黃金餃 (280台幣),由透明蜂蜜果凍包裹起來的柚子,葡萄柚,與葡萄柚冰沙,搭配整體盤飾無疑是餐桌上最美麗的風景。口味嘛…個人認為沒有那麼特別了。


We also tried Pomelo Pink Grapefruit Ravioli 雙柚黃金餃 (280 NTD), a translucent honey jelly wrapping pomelo, pink grapefruit, and grapefruit sorbet. So beautifully presented, I could not stop taking pictures of these.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
雙柚黃金餃, 280台幣 
Pomelo Pink Grapefruit Ravioli, 280NTD


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
雙柚黃金餃 Pomelo Pink Grapefruit Ravioli


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
Pomelo Pink Grapefruit Ravioli



雖然我們選擇單點甜點,不過看到下午茶的套餐 (520台幣) 包含的童趣棉花糖,實在也很想來一份這綴了碎草莓乾的粉色雲朵。聽到我們的要求之後,主廚很好心的送了一份,滿足了我們小小的好奇心。謝謝你 :)


Part of the afternoon tea set (520 NTD) is a big fluff of cotton candy sprinkled with dried strawberry bits. Though we only ordered a la carte, the chef was kind enough to make us one just to satiate our curiosity. Thank you thank you thank you.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
童趣棉花糖 Cotton Candy



我們也嘗試了午間套餐 (780~980台幣),但餐點並沒有讓我留下深刻印象,細節就不再贅述,請看以下照片吧:


Though we also tried the lunch set (780~980 NTD) at Season, I wasn’t particularly impressed by it so I won’t elaborate on the details. See pictures here:



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
菜單 Lunch Menu


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
甜菜根冷湯 Chilled beetroot soup


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
前菜 Appetizers


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)

Salad, Smoked Salmon with Raspberry Jelly, Parma Ham Onion, Choy Sum with Parmesan


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
番茄蔬菜湯, 糖漬葡萄柚麵疙瘩 Tomato Soup with Pink Grapefruit Gnocchi


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
黑森林毫野鴨佐黑櫻桃和巧克力 Black Forrest Duck Breast with Cherry and Chocolate


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
酒香栗子豆花和蒙布朗小塔 Chestnut Soybean Curd and Mont Blanc Tart



臨走時,可愛的店經理送了我們一袋百香果和紫羅蘭口味的馬卡龍 (280台幣/袋)。


Here’s a bag of macarons (280 NTD/bag), courtesy of the store manager. Loved the passionfruit flavor, but not a big fan of the violet ones – just a personal preference.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)馬卡龍, 280台幣/袋



坦白說,在 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism 所嚐到的餐點,入口的期待似乎更勝於實際品嚐到的滋味,但主廚對於每道創新餐點所投注的熱情與心力仍讓我十分贊歎。我很願意再次造訪,來看看主廚又在餐盤上激盪出什麼樣的甜蜜火花。再者,這裡有個空氣清新,綠意盎然的小陽台,光是這點就足夠吸引人了。


To be completely honest, the dishes at Season look better than they taste. Still, I give the chef full credit for pouring his heart and soul into the design of each creation, and I’d be up for visiting the shop again just to find out what new sugary caprices he has conjured up. And lastly, Season has a spacious, lush, car fume-free patio that is attractive enough to draw me out of the city center. Worth a visit.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism(中英對照)
戶外座位區 Outdoor patio




Season Cuisine Pâtissiartism


電話:(02) 2533-2377

營業時間:週一-週五 11am~8pm, 週末 10am~8pm (週二休)

價位:[午餐] 780~980台幣/套, [下午茶] 520台幣/套




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