【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢



Just another cozy cafe in Taipei for you to add to the list of afternoon hangouts.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
Nido for Dreamers


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
吧台 The bar





The cafe was completely empty when we visited on a Monday afternoon. Quiet, just the way I like it (but of course it packs up easily on weekends).



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
店內 Interior



Nido的溜溜雪藏起司蛋糕 (140台幣) 淋著玫瑰蜜桃果醬,上頭擱上一堆像小山丘似的餅乾碎粒,是個讓我想要厚顏請教做法的美味甜品。


Nido’s Liuo Liuo Rare Cheese Cake 溜溜雪藏起司蛋糕 (140 NTD), served with rose/peach jam and a little mound of graham cracker crumbles, was excellent. Very tempted to ask the cafe owner for his recipe.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
溜溜雪藏起司蛋糕, 140台幣
 Liuo Liuo Rare Cheese Cake (140 NTD)



小綿羊提拉米蘇 (150台幣) 也不錯,是一道令人齒頰留香的甜品。


Nell’s Tiramisu 小綿羊提拉米蘇 (150 NTD) was also nicely-done.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
小綿羊提拉米蘇, 150台幣 
Nell’s Tiramisu (150NTD)



櫻花綠茶 (200台幣) 混合了綠茶和櫻花花瓣,搭配的茶具有種古樸的趣緻。


Sakura! Sakura! Tea 櫻花綠茶 (200 NTD), a blend of green tea and cherry blossoms, came in a chic teapot.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
櫻花綠茶 , 200台幣 Sakura! Sakura! Tea (200 NTD)


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
茶葉 Tea leaves with sakura blossom





There’s a semi-private room at the back for those needing some isolation.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
隔間 Semi private room


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
雜誌 Magazines


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
有型的單車 Cute bike


【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢
綠葉 Greens





A good place to linger.



【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nido 巢



Nido 巢





營業時間:2:00pm~12:00am (每月6, 16, 26日休)

價位:[飲品] 120~240台幣, [甜點] 120~150台幣







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