【Cindy的美食品賞】台北 Nonzero非零餐廳(中英對照)sugar & spiced

拋開東區的繁囂,位在仁愛路小巷中的非零餐廳是由崇尚自然的 Aveda 台灣總裁所經營。也因如此,非零提供給顧客的是一道道樸實、忠於食材原味的有機輕食。其中的開放式廚房、原木桌椅及恰到好處的柔和燈光帶給繁忙都會人士一種很溫暖、輕鬆的氛圍。若今日的你想以健康的料理好好犒賞你的味蕾,非零餐廳應該是你的答案。

Nonzero, an organic food store and restaurant run by the chairman of Aveda Taiwan, serves simple and wholesome dishes. The decor is warm and inviting with an open kitchen, wooden communal tables, an eclectic chair collection, and soft, sensuous lighting. If you are looking to treat your tummy to some healthy and artisanal cooking, Nonzero might just be what you are after.

我們兩人決定分一份套餐(900元)和一份單點主菜做為今日的晚餐。餐點由歐式麵包佐由澳洲 Dandaragan Estate 生產的橄欖油揭開序幕。這獨特的橄欖油可是非零餐廳的菁華所在,而非零也有提供品橄欖油的服務給那些感興趣的顧客們。

For a light dinner, the two of us decided to share a risotto dinner set (900 NTD) and ordered a main course a la carte. The meal started with some bread and olive oil from Australia’s Dandaragan Estate. This premium olive oil is an important part of the cooking at Nonzero, I believe they even do an olive oil tasting at the bar for those who are interested.

Cream of loofah squash soup was slightly bland and not very memorable.


Green salad with vinaigrette, fresh and crisp.

Risotto with spicy chicken and vegetables was not spicy at all and even bordered on bland, but the chicken was well cooked to a tender perfection.



Roasted pork shoulder with seasonal vegetable (650 NTD), our a la carte main course, was a very pleasant surprise. The pork shoulders were roasted to a perfect balance between tender and crunchy, minimally seasoned so that the natural flavor of the pork shone through. The vegetables on the side were fresh, vibrant, and delicious – a great accompaniment. Excellent dish.


Dessert from the set was a mascarpone cheese cake with meringue/almond cookie and fresh fruits. The sprinkling of almonds, sunflower seeds, and sesame was a nice touch as they added texture and to the silky smooth rare cheese cake. The meringue almond cookie was equally light yet satisfying.


餐點的最後是一杯現泡的 Aveda 康福茶。茶中帶著甘草的微甜和薄荷的清新為晚餐劃下一個溫柔的句點。

Lastly, a cup of freshly steeped Aveda comforting tea, naturally sweet with licorice and peppermint. A most soothing end to the meal.

我會再次造訪非零餐廳 - 或許不是為了餐點本身,而是為了一個美好的概念、一個舒適的氛圍。

Yes, Nonzero is worth coming back to. If not for the food itself, then at least for the praiseworthy concept and comfortable ambiance.




Nonzero 非零餐廳

地址: 台北市大安區仁愛路四段27巷4弄5號
電話: (02) 2772-1630
營業時段: 11:30am~2:30pm, 6:00pm~10:00pm
網址: www.nonzero.com.tw
價格: [午] 400~800元, [晚] 900~1500 元, [下午茶] 300元






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