Womany 編按:從小就學英文,可是當在實際生活中要用出來時,你卻發現自己很手足無措嗎?在職場工作,時常會接到全英語電話,也許你心中總是一陣緊張,甚至連胃都翻攪了起來!其實,許多常用的電話用語一點都不難,只要記住幾個常用用語,就能夠自信戰勝全英語電話喔,相信在學會如何應對全英語電話後,老闆和同事都會對你刮目相看呢,一起來學吧!(一定要看:殘酷!但年輕人不可不知的五件職場小事



一、basic telephone vocabulary 基礎電話相關詞彙

  1. cell phones or mobile phones 手機
  2. smart phone 智慧型手機
  3. pay phones or public phones 公共電話
  4. landline 固定電話(通常為家用)
  5. cordless phone 無線電話(多用於室內)



二、From start to end 從電話開始至結束相關片語

1. Make a phone call.  打電話
例句:When you make a phone call, introduce yourself first. 

2. The phone is ringing.  電話響了

3. Pick up the telephone  接起電話
同義詞:Answer the telephone / pick the phone up

4. get through to  通話
例句:If you can't get through to the person you want to talk to, you might be able to leave a message asking them to call you back.

Leave a message on an answering machine or voicemail.   在電話留言機或語音信箱留言

6. Call somebody back  回電
同義詞:Return the call
例句:I'll call you back tomorrow morning when I get more information.

dialing the number  播打電話
例句:She is dialing the number to her grandmother.

busy signal  忙線的聲音
例句:I’ve been trying to call her, but I keep getting a busy signal.

Put (someone) through  接通電話
例句:When talking to a receptionist, secretary or switchboard operator, they may ask you to hang on while they put you through.

10. hang on / Someone put you on hold  等待片刻(使不掛斷電話)
Hang on, I'll give you some important information.

11. Hang up  掛斷電話
注意:不要與hang on (= hold on )搞混了!
put the phone down / ring off
反義詞:ring up / ring somebody up (= make a phone call)




三、Common phrases 關於打電話的日常用語

Answering the phone


  • Hello? (informal)
  • Good morning/afternoon/evening, VoiceTube Enterprises, Sylvia speaking.
  • Thank you for calling VoiceTube. Sylvia speaking. How can I help you?

Asking for the caller’s name


  • ŸWho’s calling, please?
  • Could I take your name, please?

Introducing yourself


  • ŸThis is Sylvia Chu speaking.
  • Hello, this is Sylvia Chu from VoiceTube.

Asking for someone


  • ŸCould I speak to Ashley, please?
  • I’d like to speak to Ashley, please.
  • Could you put me through to Ashley, please?

Explaining absence


  • ŸI’m afraid Miss. Lin isn’t in at the moment.
  • I’m sorry, she’s in a meeting at the moment.
  • I’m afraid she’s on another line at the moment.
  • ŸI’m sorry, I don’t understand. Could you repeat that, please?
  • I’m sorry, the line's very bad today. I can’t hear you very well. Could you speak up a little, please?
  • Would you mind spelling that for me please?
  • Could you speak a little more slowly, please?
Putting someone on hold請對方稍待片刻
  • ŸJust a moment, please.
  • Could you hold the line, please?
  • Hold the line, please.
Putting someone through (connecting someone)為對方轉接
  • ŸOne moment, please. I’ll see if Mr James is available.
  • I’ll put you through.
  • I’m connecting you now.
Taking a message記下留言
  • ŸCan I take a message?
  • Would you like to leave a message?
  • Can I give him/her a message?
  • I’ll ask him/her to call you as soon as possible.
Finishing a conversation結束對話
  • ŸWell, I guess I better get going. Talk to you soon.
  • Thanks for calling. Bye for now.
  • I have to let you go now.
  • I have another call coming through. I better run.
  • I'll talk to you again soon. Bye.



1. Immediately ask the person to speak slowly.

2. When taking note of a name or important information, repeat each piece of information as the person speaks.







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作者:Sylvia Chu Source : Speakspeak espressoenglish BBC Learning English 

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