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忙碌的時候,習慣喝上一口茶,或是啜進一口咖啡,就覺得自己又充滿元氣了!假日的咖啡廳總是人滿為患,偷偷公開我實際探訪過,好愛好愛的咖啡廳口袋名單,簡潔又溫暖的小空間 台北 小日子咖啡手作的溫暖,無所不在 - 台北 Caldo Cafe 咖朵咖啡廳台北 自然醒公寓 Wakin'up Cafe Apartment (中英對照)還有甜點小店 台北 Le petit Patissier !也來底下留言和我分享你們心中的咖啡廳秘密名單吧!



延伸閱讀:永康巷弄的秘密廚房 4F cooking Home

Caffe Libero is another one of the many stylish cafes that are tucked away in the Yongkang Street neighborhood. The shop, renovated from a 40-year-old mansion, oozes a sense of nostalgia with its original Taiwan zelkova flooring, marble walls, engraved wood door, and vintage furnishing. What it offers: specialty drinks like Longan Latte, and lovely pastries from Red On Tree La Pâtisserie. A good place to linger.


There’s also a lounge in the back that serves a variety of Japanese and Scottish whiskeys.

咖啡小自由的菜單上有不少特色飲品,比如這杯龍眼拿鐵 (220台幣)。奶泡上的桂花很討喜。

The menu features a number of original drinks, such as this Longan Latte 龍眼拿鐵 (220 NTD). The sprinkle of dried osmanthus flower was a nice touch.


梅酒冰咖啡 (250台幣) 也是一個我沒嚐過的有趣混搭。仔細一看,杯底還真有一顆梅子呢。

Plum Wine Ice Coffee 梅酒冰咖啡 (250 NTD), a rather interesting combination that I’ve never tried before. Note the plum at the bottom of the glass.

小自在冰茶 (220台幣) 則是薑汁汽水加冰紅茶的清爽組合。

Libero Ice Tea 小自在冰茶 (220 NTD), a refreshing mix of ginger ale and ice tea.

冰咖啡 (180台幣) 就是冰咖啡。

Ice Coffee (180 NTD).

咖啡小自由的甜點之前一直是由 ”Le Petit Patissier 雷斯里” 提供,不過最近剛換成以果醬起家的 “在欉紅”。

The dessert space within Caffe Libero that used to be Le Petit Patissier is now occupied by Red on Tree La Pâtisserie 在欉紅. Red on Tree is originally a jam specialty shop, but they now also offer a small but pleasing selection of pastries and desserts.


當天下午我嚐了數種甜點,從這個 ”Millefeuille Passion-Caramel 焦糖百香果千層酥” (180台幣) 開始。酥皮做的相當出色,用刀子切下去的時候有爽快的刷刷聲。夾層的焦糖百香果卡什達奶油醬也很迷人,不過如果百香果的味道能再突出一些可能更好。

I sampled a few sweets that afternoon, starting with Millefeuille Passion-Caramel 焦糖百香果千層酥 (180 NTD). The puff pastry was buttery and flaky, making a lovely crunching sound as I sliced it into smaller pieces. The crème pâtissière was also nicely done, though the passion fruit flavor wasn’t as strong as I had imagined.

接下來是 ”Tarte Chocolat-Goyave 香蜜芭樂巧克力塔” (160台幣),濃郁的巧克力內餡里夾了芭樂的清香。

Followed that with a Tarte Chocolat-Goyave 香蜜芭樂巧克力塔 (160 NTD), a rich chocolate tart complemented with a subtle but evident hint of guava flavor.

最後的 “Tarte Citron 台南檸檬塔” (140台幣) 使用了青檸檬和黃檸檬,巧妙的將兩種香氣和酸度結合調配成理想的風味。

Lastly, a Tarte Citron 台南檸檬塔 (140 NTD) that utilized both lemons and limes to create a most satisfactory mix of flavors.

“咖啡小自由 + 在欉紅點心鋪” 這個組合值得一訪嗎?點頭點頭。

Caffe Libero + Red on Tree La Pâtisserie…Worth a visit? I think so.



咖啡小自由 + 在欉紅點心鋪

電話:(02) 2356 7129
營業時間:[週一-六] 12pm~12am [週日] 12pm~6pm
價位:[飲品] 60~280台幣 [甜點] 80~220台幣 


法式老店的新意:台北 法樂琪 C'est bon steak 
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